Innerst inne är vi alla sossar – även Buffett

Från:                  Sven-Erland Västros  <>

Skickat:             12 augusti 2011 08:09:12

Till:                    Warren E Buffett     <>

Ämne:               The Westrose curve

Dear Warren,

It was a pleasure to hear about your interest in the Westrose curve. As the most progressive thinker in the country I would be more than pleased if I can help you to wage a slashing attack on the Obama administration from the left. You may certainly use the Westrose curve to criticise the tax cuts for the rich imposed by the right – now supported by the current administration.

In addition: Feel free to put the blame where it really belongs – with the Swedish right wing Government! There is no stopping of the evil conservative forces in this country. Currently, they are orchestrating further turbulence on the global financial markets, in order to create an excuse to withdraw the fifth job tax deduction reform.

I welcome you to the social democratic camp (please note that I separate social and democratic – it makes all the difference). Good luck with your progressive campaign against the stinking rich and the forces of evil! The Struggle continues!!

Best regards


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  1. Maria Hagbom skriver:

    Hahahaha….en rik amerikan uppskattar säkert en svensk sosses uppmuntrande ord. Det var det roligaste du har skrivit tror jag och jag ska skicka en länk till min dotter. Hon kommer antagligen ha den roligaste eftermiddagen på länge.


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